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In this article, we have gathered the most important tricks in the kitchen for those who have just entered the kitchen, who do not know what to do when their food is bitter or salty, and who want to make more delicious meals than ever.
Everyone wants to be “the best” in the kitchen and make great meals. However, some misfortunes may not make you experience this pleasure. When your food is salty, bitter, and when you miss the soup, you may need information that will save you for that moment. Tricks are needed to be an expert in the kitchen, to make food more delicious, to compensate for mistakes shortly. Here are 50 practical information that will make the dishes more delicious and compensate for mistakes made while cooking:

Keep the lid of the pan closed while cooking. In this way, the steam in the pot does not disappear and the cooking time of the food is shortened.
When frying, use corn oil, sunflower or hazelnut oil. Olive oil is not healthy for frying, as it will burn quickly.
Do not wash under running water, so that the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits is not lost. Wash the vegetables without chopping them, pressing them as a whole.
Add lemon slices to the boiled water for easy removal of the boiled eggs from their shells.
To prevent the egg from cracking while boiling, add a pinch of salt to the water.

Use the rope to cut the cake perfectly. Hold the string tightly at both ends and slice the cake as you wish.
Grate the burnt out cookies by grating them.
To cut the tomatoes properly, you can cut the tomato more smoothly and proportionally by dipping a fork in it.
Fill the pancake batter into an empty ketchup bottle to cook pancakes perfectly. So you can easily adjust the amount of dough.
Wait by putting a hot glass on it to bring the frozen butter to a spreadable consistency.

To separate the yolk from the whites, break the egg into a bowl. Bring the pet bottle closer to the yolk and lightly squeeze the bottle. When you release the bottle, the yolk will enter the bottle.
Break the egg into a narrow-mouth funnel to separate the yolk from the whites. The egg white will flow, the yolk will remain on top.
If the soup you are cooking is salty, add milk instead of water.
If you think that the milk flavor will not be suitable for the soup or dish you are cooking, peel one potato and chop it big and throw it into the pot. Potatoes will absorb excess salt from the dish.

Add two cubes of sugar to your salted soup.
If you think the salad or soup is too bitter, add lemon juice to it.
If the peppers you chopped in the salad turned out bitter, extract the peppers in the salad and boil the plain pasta and mix the salad ingredients into the pasta.
To get the bitterness of the soup, take a portion of it for later food and add hot water.
Add honey to the pots that are very painful.
If the grilled meat is hard, add vinegar and lemon juice on it. The meat will be softer.
Use vacuum storage containers to keep green leafy vegetables fresh for a long time.

If the sauces you prepared such as pasta sauce, tomato sauce increased, fill the sauces into ice cubes and freeze them for later use.
Put a wooden spoon over the pot to prevent the food from overflowing.
Put flour in boiling water so that boiled cauliflower does not smell bad.
Rest the dough in the refrigerator to prevent the cookies from spreading and spreading while baking.

When cooking dishes such as red beans, chickpeas, green lentils, add half a teaspoon of cumin in the pot to prevent fatigue.
Soak the eggplants that you will fry in salt water before frying so that they do not absorb and darken. When you are frying, wring out the water and dry it.
In order to make the rice pilaf shiny and stranded, add 1 sugar cubes to the water and add lemon juice.
Marinate the meat with olive oil. Meat is softer and more delicious with olive oil.
Add a pinch of carbonate while boiling so that the milk is not cut.
In the pastries, use materials such as flour and starch to eliminate the crumb of flour.
For the mashed potatoes to rise, add 1 teaspoon of baking powder to the mash.
Let the water you add to the food be hot. Cold water prolongs the cooking time of the meal.

Before freezing the fish, squeeze lemon inside and on. It will smell less when you thaw.
Boil the beans first and then remove the fishbones. So its vitamin will not be lost.
While it should be dark, add the oil roasted in a very juicy soup and mix. Soup consistency will be darker.
Soak the frozen or candied honey jar in a bowl of hot water.

To easily peel the tomato, leave the tomato in boiling water for 2 minutes. You will peel the tomato very easily with the back of the knife.
Salt causes milk to be cut. When preparing bechamel sauce, milk soup or milk sauces, put the salt last.
Take the meat out of the refrigerator at least 1 hour before cooking. In this way, they will cook softer.
Put water in a heat-resistant container inside the oven to prevent the foods such as chestnuts, meat, and pumpkin desserts you will cook in the oven to dry and harden.

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